Party Flyer edit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I put up decorations for my celebration party?
Yes, however please don’t bring any confetti or tape anything to the walls. Balloons are okay.

Can you store a cake or any food for me?
Unfortunately no. We are unable to accept responsibility for any outside food brought into the restaurant. You are welcome to bring your own cake at the time of your party. However, remember to save room for ice cream.

Can I reserve a specific area in the restaurant for my celebration party?
Regretfully no. Due to last minute party reservations and fluctuation head counts our seating arrangements are constantly changing and determined about an hour before reserved parties arrive.

Can I bring a live band?
Yes. However, only if you reserve the entire restaurant, but just think how heartbroken OUR entertainers will be.

Do you play games with party guests?
As a matter of fact we do. All our games are based on the age of the participants.

Can I reserve the entire restaurant for a party?
Yes, please contact one of our kind, trustworthy, attractive, intelligent managers for information.

To schedule & reserve a party either call us at (808) 488-9339 or fill out the form below: